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All my sessions and services are remote and you can join them from the comfort of your own home.

Book online or contact me directly by email, text or phone.


$95 for a 1 hour energy healing session
$110 including a message from spirit
$129 including a reading and message from spirit

Get back to your balanced self with this unique Energy Healing. 

Find a comfortable place to lay down. I will tune into you energetically and send the energy and healing where it is most needed. Afterwards I will send you an email in which I will report all the things that I could feel and sense. Sometimes people see colors or feel energy themselves during the session, other people feel less pain or are less stiff afterwards. People typically feel better after the session than before because it can bring about deep relaxation or rejuvenation, depending on what you need at that moment.

This session can be combined with an extra message from Spirit. I can ask for the deeper meaning of a physical issue for example or for a message from one of your spirit guides.

To get an even deeper understanding you can also add a card reading. 

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$45 for a channeled written message
$55 for a 30 minute Zoom call
$75 for a 45 minute Zoom call


During this special service, I will be able to connect you with your spiritual guides, loved ones or angels and form a connection with the divine world. 

These sessions delve into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out current issues in your life. 

You can prepare a few questions or we can dive in and discover what your guide or teacher would like you to know at this moment in time. 

All messages will be given in your Highest Good.


$15 for 1 card 
$30 for a 3 card lay out
$40 for a 4 card lay out

The oracle cards I use are inspired by Human Design System and created by Marije Miller*.  

A 1 card reading is often used to get quick insight into a matter. It can also be a fun birthday present for a friend.

The 3 card layout works very well in challenging situations where you feel stuck in the moment. The cards will explain what is going on under the surface, they show a broader perspective and a way to move forward.

The 4 card layout helps especially well with recurring situations, patterns you notice that keep happening to you. The cards give insight into the bigger picture, what is holding you back, what action you can take and what the possible outcome or growth will be.

The card reading will be sent to you by email. At the moment I don’t offer Zoom sessions for this service.

*Gates to Soul Wisdom derivative works are created and published with approval under limited use by Connecting New Dots LLC  For more information about the Gates to Soul Wisdom - oracle cards or to purchase a deck, please visit 

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Animal Kingdom


$40 for written message
$50 for 20 minutes Zoom

Coming soon

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