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Healing Stones

Dear Renée, thank you so much. So beautiful. The last year's of my mom's life were very difficult and one major decision of her I could not understand. But it brings tears into my eyes to know that she is around for support 🙏Yes, I am still "struggling", hoping, searching for my place in life and purpose. Your answer here is also heart warming and helpful. So great, what you were able to tell me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥

Katie M, Germany

What a beautiful, awesome, uplifting message, Renee! My guides know me so well. :). I’ve struggled a lot with the issues they mentioned. Their loving suggestions brought me love, joy, and sometimes tears. It’s so good to know how deeply loved I am. I greatly appreciate my guides and angels encouragement in creating a stronger bond with them. Mahalo! 😍🙏🌸💜

Carol, Denego, Hawaii

I am so thankful for this special channeled reading. I have read it several times now and it touched me deeply. The message you received is written up so beautifully and I recognize and resonate with it a lot. Thank you so much!

Marit, Netherlands

I found my energy healing with Renee has helped me a lot. A sore muscle at the top of my leg is much better, I can breathe more easily through my nose and my body feels clearer and lighter somehow.  Her energy healing is powerful and I could feel her working in my energy body. She also brings through very loving and insightful channeled information. I would highly recommend having a healing session with her.

Carole Mitchell, South Africa


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